About Us

Welcome to The Digital Consulting Agency

Who Are We

JC2 is an established powerhouse in the online marketing industry specializing in SEO, paid acquisition and planning. We provide consultation services, tailored solutions for your online marketing needs, end-to-end. 

Our Mission

Creativity and data drive our award-winning integrated campaigns.

Every day is different. We are not just a global agency. We’re an international team working across Australia, China (Hong Kong/Shanghai), Israel, Malaysia & Singapore to deliver award-winning brand experiences.

What We Do

Our 6D Process


1. Discover

Before you can fix a problem, you need to know what the problem is, and what the perfect solution needs to be. We sit down with you and discover what you are currently doing, what you want to do, and who your target market is.


2. Define

The next step is to define the problem so that we are all on the same page. Depending on the problem, we will define a solution and map it out for you, step by step.


3. Design

Once we are certain that everyone is literally on the same page, we will custom design a solution for you. Depending on the requirements, that may involve designing a new website for you, or designing a social media marketing plan to suit.


4. Develop

Next step in the process is to develop the specific custom solution for you. This may mean developing a wireframe version of your new website, or developing a step by step plan for your social media marketing.


5. Deploy

This is where everything starts to get real for you, the client. We will deploy a live version of your solution, so that you can see first-hand how the solution will work, honk the horn and ring the bells. At this stage the solution will be in greyscale, so as not to confuse you with the complex details, but to let you see how it works in real time.


6. Deliver

Once we are satisfied that you are delighted with your new solution, and only then, will we hand you the keys. But we don’t just hand you the keys and let you drive off into the sunset, we will work with you so that you and your staff are all completely familiar with the solution, and are happy to recommend us to your friends and associates!

Why Choose us?

Every one of us is a professional in our respective fields; we bring our knowledge and experience to meet our goals. We are the experts in the organic and paid marketing space, as well as, in the field of business management and analysis. It is our firm belief that working together to bring forward our values and abilities produces outstanding results. This vision has carried us to rapid growth and continuous success. We successfully operate in different markets around the world.

Change is a constant; we understand that we work in a dynamic environment that requires us to constantly evolve and develop.

We are one team; we seek synergy and knowledge-sharing. We listen to everone, respect ideas and aim to improve the product or process at hand.

  • Results in a more productive & talented workforce. 
  • Creates better client relationships
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Mitigates conflict

It speaks of a person’s ability to create momentum based on their ultimate goal of getting things done. Arriving at a finish line takes a lot of effort, focus, and hard (or smart) work.

We keep an optimistic approach to challenges; we self-motivate and motivate those around us to work together in finding solutions.

Every one of us is a professional in our fields; we bring our knowledge and experience to meet our goals. We are the experts!

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